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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
I jumped through the same $200 4-month hoops as everyone else for the SBRs. ATF doesn't recognize individual officers. You're either a private citizen or a governmental organization.

I was fine with the AFG2, but it just wasn't my style. I tend to pull back more with my front grip, and my hand tends to slide off the AFG2. I wound up selling it. I am retrofitting that rifle to a smaller and lighter configuration, and I'm going with another stubby vertical grip. Of everything I've tried, the stubby VFG is the best of all worlds for me.
Do you use a trust for ATF purchases? I've heard in maryland at least it adds an extra 30-60 waiting for the local/state police department to approve the paperwork(not sure the exact process) to go through before you get started on ATF wait. Wondering if it's worth paying to get a trust drawn up.
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