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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
Do you use a trust for ATF purchases? I've heard in maryland at least it adds an extra 30-60 waiting for the local/state police department to approve the paperwork(not sure the exact process) to go through before you get started on ATF wait. Wondering if it's worth paying to get a trust drawn up.
The wait times have been 4 months almost to the day with the trust route. I have heard people doing the CLEO sign-off method waiting 5-6 months. I personally prefer the trust route because it eliminates the issue of needing a CLEO sign-off, since I don't live where I work. I also made my own trust using Socrates trust software and then getting it notarized and witnessed. There are pluses and minuses for both ways. I'd rather wait less time.

Originally Posted by Slipknot1 View Post
Reedo, which one do you prefer between your aimpoints? The M4s or micro?
You know, I'm not sure. I like them both equally, but for different reasons. The M4S went onto the 11.5" because that's my primary training rifle and will eventually be a duty rifle.

The M4S is a 30mm tube, which gives it a lot bigger field of view (FOV) than the 1" tube of the Micro. The dot is also a 2MOA dot versus the 4MOA of the Micro, so it's better for long-range shots. Then the battery setup is better. It runs off of an ordinary AA battery for 80,000hrs, which is over 8yrs. Unfortunately, the M4S is relatively heavy. It's an absolute tank and can take some abuse (I know), but you will pay for it with the added weight.

The Micro's advantage comes in with it's dimensions and weight. It's significantly smaller and lighter; about 1/3 the weight and size, to be exact. That makes a huge difference on smaller or lighter weapons. The Micro uses a CR2032 watch battery, which is what most illuminated riflescopes use. It's a very common battery as well, and the 50,000hr life is fantastic. The Micro is also significantly less expensive. The M4/M4S will cost between $700-$800, depending on your mounting solution. The Micros can be had anywhere from $550-$650, depending upon mounting option and whether you go H-1 or T-1.

I have the T-1, but my next one will likely be an H-1. Given the cost savings and the weight and size savings, the Micro is the overall better optic. Whichever way you prefer, I definitely consider them to be superior to the M2/M3 models. Those models aren't bad, but the fact that they use the 1/3N batteries is problematic when you have to try and find them. Even though Aimpoints can stay on for years, when the power gets cranked up to max, you will have about a month on that power setting before the battery is toast. Such is why you need to have extra batteries on hand. I had that happen to my Micro, since the rheostat tends to move a bit too easily IMO. It's the only real complaint I have for the Micro.
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