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Originally Posted by djnekkon View Post
Maybe you are a God in this site, but you are confused. Stanced doesn't necessarily mean stretched. You can stance your car in many different styles. stretched is just one of them. I stated "stanced cars handle and look better (pick one)". stretching is less Dangerous than is using fake wheels as if they were performance wheels. People doesn't participate on any type of stancework crew or club and want to become the new preachers. Have you worked your susp on a daily basis? cuz I do, and I garantee that if you know what you are doing **** won't happen. lecture yourself...and yes your car is stanced and if you add bbs caps will be rice

First off, as you can tell, my car is for looks, not for performance. If my rims are going to be an LM rep, the centercap is that little extra piece that completes the look for me. Everyone who has ever seen my car and mentioned anything about my rims can tell you that the first thing out of my mouth is "they are replicas"...

Secondly, do yourself a favor and research a little bit before saying "stretching" is less dangerous than using fake wheels, lol. I have had CSL reps and these LM's on my car, and I can guarantee that these wheels are just as durable, if not more, than a real LM. I have seen countless threads over the past 5 years of BBS rims bending, cracking, etc from pot holes. I have hit some MONSTER holes with both sets of rims, and both were just fine.

Lastly, if Stance means rims, drop, and clean, well.. you might want to start a new club with a different name lol. When 90% of your "stancework" members have a retarded camber on a street car with a 2 inch poke on 215's, guess what... majority rules. As you can tell, no one on this website things that Stanceworks means a reasonable drop and a nice wheel/tire set up.

I'm not gonna go back and forth with you on this debate. I don't consider my car stanceworks in the least bit, nor do i consider it "rice" with my rims. Considering the company of "rice" is usually associated with loud farty exhaust, stickers, vinyls, dumb colors, tacky rims, altezzas, 1000lb of subs, and huge spoilers, my car is far from rice just because my rims are identical replica's of one of the best rims every produced.
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