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Originally Posted by Tchleung View Post
Just to update everyone, the problem has gone away. Having the car sit for so long, than multiple short drives and working on the car with the interior lights on, left me with a dead battery the morning after. After charging it and driving it more, everything seems to have fixed itself. I have found out my alternator only charges at 13.7v's so it's just enough to charge it and than some as long as I have decent drives. Weather or not, a weak battery was the issue, or whatever was wrong fixed itself... Either way it's all good again. Yay
Typical, something goes wrong and it's always the poor Dynavin that gets the blame first.
"Ooh my back aches, bloody Dynavin"
"My roof's leaking, damn Dynavin"
"My knob was bigger before I got the Dynavin"
"I'm a 2 minute wonder, I swear I usually went for at least 5 mins before the Dyanvin"
"My wife used to be hot before the Dynavin"
"I was more intelligent before the Dynavin........."
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