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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
It's very simple: the world isn't binary or black and white.
Cars need both preventive maintenance and repair.
Taking things to either extreme is ridiculous. For example replacing each and every part by a certain date or mileage, regardless of their condition is not practical, if not absurd. OTOH, only fixing after something breaks is asking for trouble. For example, for cars that have a timing chain, waiting for it to fail first is going to cost you a whole new engine.
So, what to replace under prevention and what not?
The designers and makers of your cars know best. They've collected that information in your manuals, under maintenance schedule. They list the items that should be replaced by age or mileage. They also list the items that should be only inspected and replaced only if needed.

This poll is a fail.
So much fail that you had to come back to it over the span of several days and post 8 times.
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