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Originally Posted by Sanchjer View Post
You know when you're a fanatic when you talk your friend into buying an M3 because you talk about them so much because you want one. True story, little jealous now, but I'm still in love with my 323i.
Happened to me with 2 of my friends, they both got m3's...i was mad as hell, im stuck with my 323i because i screwed myself over by fixing the damn thing and kept throwing money at it, i should have got rid of it a while ago to upgrade when i had the chance, but now im left with a practically rebuilt 323i with new everything...bushings and all as well, and a c5 vette. Ive gotten used to the all show no go theme with my car although my 323i is putting down 200/200 at the wheels since i modified performance first before looks...but i have wayyyy too much money into this thing to get rid of it, ill drive it until it needs a new motor...swap in an s54 and keep on going.

but i guess thats what makes me a fanatic, putting thousands into a 12 year old car.


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