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Originally Posted by bmwboy1989 View Post
i have a 2001 330ci, my car doesnt throw a check engine light...i have a serious loss of fact it takes forever to accelerate. in park the car revs normal, sometimes it idles weird, but i cant accelerate at all. i feel like its driving like a grandma would, while im pressing the gas to the floor. doesnt make any since. i feel like it might be my catalytic convertor? maybe its bad? i recently found a leak in the throttle body hose, but i fixed that and its still driving horrible. today i was driving and i went to gas it and the RPMs took forever to get up, and my car wasnt accelerating at all! still no codes here! i dont know what it could possibly be! any help? anyone experienced this before?
Hey i have the same problems. Did you ever find out what was the problem? I have no codes or check engine light, but my car has a major power lost in acceleration.
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