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Originally Posted by vadercelica View Post
I'd calculate

Minus labour as he seems to be doing the repair himself but that would have been close to 2.5k for the job

Bonnet $150
Headlights $200
Grill $100
Headlight surround and other front end parts / sensors $200
Fix of Front bar $150
Paint + Clear $100
Rad + radiator support panel $500
Rotors $200
Airbags $800
Module $200
Service $100
Other bits and pieces that pop up $500
Towing to and from the auctions $150
Inspection $400
Rego $400
Stamp Duty + % that went to auctions probably on a $5000 purchase $500

Thats all up $5,000 (without labour)

+ $5,000ish

So doing it alone will get on round for approx 10 - 11K im assuming, with those kms that not a bad purchase but the sourcing of parts and labour etc if you put a dollar value on all that a normal person would get this on the road for 13-14 probably without a spare key and without log books and potential future problems being a bmw
nice analysis, what i was getting at was that there doesn't seem like alot of work to get it back on the road, not the financial feasibility of it. but your correct there are many hidden or unanticipated for cost in these vehicles.
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