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i have bmw scanner 1.36 with interface and Ediabus with interface(inpa compatible), USB to serial adapter cable and obdII and 20pin cable for newer cars.

I need ADS interface for my Z3 with 20pin connector, so can i modify any of mentioned two interfaces to be like ADS interface as i saw on the internet they have interfaces with knob witch is use to choose between OBDII or ADS mode so i assume that inside of interface it can select betwen different pins or something similar?

I use this two interfaces for e46 and other but i would be glad if i can use it also on e36 and older. For e36 i ned kkl, so i just conect with extra wire a 16# pin form 20 pin conector and 1# pin at the obdII 16 pin conector, this is for batt+? I read that this 16# pin is only for autodetect that without INPA still work, on the other side i also read that without 16#pin INPA wont start the readings.
So i wire this two pins between obdII and 20pin conector and with obdII ediabas interface INPA will work for e36 cars and older?

So i have
-BMW scanner 1.3.6 with interface
-OBDII Ediabas (it says "inpa compatible")
-USB to serial cable (virtual COM port)
-ADS (20 pin)connector on one side and on the other side is male 16pin connector that connect to ediabas obdII female connector and obdII ediabas conect to USB to serial cable and than trough USB to computer.

Please if someone has DIY link with pictures that i can use to build/modify this two interfaces i allready have.

On this picture is my tools that you can see inside what they look like

In EDIABAS interface a see that pin 15 is not conected to PCB

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