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Originally Posted by neta4 View Post
Hi All,

I had a bit of a random experience today with my 2002 330ci. Driving down the motorway the front drivers side window dropped slightly, as if the door had opened (which it had not) a few seconds later the electrics basically went mad: The wipers came on, the screenwash motors came on, the alarm went off with a constant and deafening tone and all controls for windows and wipers stopped working. Then came a strong burning smell.

I pulled over and disconnected the battery which was the only way to stop everything turning on. Once I had reconnected it most things seemed to function with the exception of the front electric windows. The fuses are OK and when I press either button I can hear a small click which I understand to be the relays. What is left of the buring smell does seem to be stronger in the passenger side but its hard to tell. Its not coming from the vents.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone point me in the direction of the problem?

I am going to check out the relays tomorrow when it is light!

Sounds like you need an exorcist.

Hope you find the issue, most likely a blow window regulator but cant explain the rest. Maybe you shorted out the motor and it sent everything else into a fritz

e46 328Ci 9psi SC
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