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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
I like that plan and you are absolutely right. I wonder what the root cause of these things are...because you really can predict "who" did these things just by hearing the story (white guy shooting public places and molesting kids, black women in public, etc). It's obviously not genetic, so I have to assume its "nurture".
I can't really call it either. I'd assume its a number of factors, from not really learning how to "deal with it", to not having an ounce of home training and feeling "entitled" to something. A huge factor I've notice with the younger generation is they feel they have earned some sort of "respect". Jumping over a counter and assaulting a convicted felon because he had to "do his job" is about as ignorant as some of the comments in this thread. I really wish Tim would clean up some of the racism on this site... we're all here to enjoy this community, the racism thing is getting old and un-called for!

"If you want to move past racism, you have to STOP LABELING EVERYTHING BY RACE / 2000_328CI"
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