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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Here's the videos.

I still need a lot of practice. I move too slow I think and I don't shoot my elbows under fast enough or bring the bar high enough. I need to get my wrists more flexible too.

Constructive critism would be great. Please don't make fun of me haha. btw the music choice was my gf's. I can't listen to my screaming stuff with her around haha.

I'll make more videos on Wednesday when I do PC's again. You guys should see the first phone videos and then these. I made a lot of improvements since then lol.

Honestly, not that bad. It would help to set your back a little flatter before you get started. Part of the problem is that you have the small diameter weights on there, so it is starting lower than it should. If you try increasing the weight a bit, it will help to make sure your form is good (seems counterintuitive, but it has worked with everyone I have taught power cleans to. Keep that bar close to your body and let the weight land on your shoulders. Its not gonna hurt even though it seems like it will...
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