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Cheapest Opaque Angel Eyes Kit - Orion Lite

We're announcing today the least expensive Opaque kit on the market.

To Order your Orion Lite kit, Click here:

The Orion lite product and the Weisslicht product are exactly the same as and looks almost identical to every other product except the Mycarr, which are dimmer than all of them and frankly the poorest quality of all of them.

Orion V2 is on the left, while the Lite is on the right.

Shipping begins Monday afternoon - TODAY!!!.

Orion V2 kit remains significantly brighter during the day and has higher quality, better overall finish than any other kit on the market.


1) Not designed or built by Mycarr (just like our Orion V2 product)
2) Not as bright as Orion V2 (also a disadvantage)
3) Less expensive than similar offerings from Mycarr or other branded similar products
4) Brighter than Mycarr.
5) Variable Stage Clipping System (see disadvantages) stronger and better than the Mycarr

1) Not as bright as Orion V2
2) Clipping system is not as secure or as strong as Orion V2, more fragile.
3) Not as indestructible as Orion V2
4) 2 Year Warranty
5) Not as "finished" or highly polished as Orion V2
6) Only fits E46s.
7) Poorer/cheaper/lower quality construction. This is the knockoff iPod, not the real thing.

Here is a breakdown of what they look like together on a car.
The files have their own names on them. If you would like to see a full sized image of it, remove the ".sized" from the URL.

This is the Orion Lite compared to a well known brand

This is the Orion V2 compared to the same well known brand

The differences are subtle only in photos, in real life the facts are as follows:
1) Orion Lite is a little bit brighter than the "well known" brand but it's not sufficient for a photo to show it. It's also equally fitting.

2) The Orion V2 is obviously brighter (even in photos) than the 2 of the previously mentioned products.

While we still recommend the Orion V2 for the people that want the absolute best http://www.umnitza.com/umnitza-preda...es-p-1198.html- we recognize that there are budge conscious buyers for angel eyes.

Take the time to look at the obvious differences between the two and make your choice.

The Orion V2 comes with a lifetime warranty and does not have any cold weather problems, no ballasts, and no individual ring problems.
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