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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Disagree with pretty much all of the above.

The use of "deadly force" is not a license to kill. It is legally allowed to be used to stop an active threat, not kill someone or preemptively stop them from becoming a threat. Show me a citation of law from any state in this country that says you can. You use it to stop a threat, not prevent one.

A prosecutor would tear you apart in his sleep and a jury would never side with you.

Just saying.


Someone else recently had the same opinion as you... how did that work out?
First shots were self-defense, the last ones were murder
I was talking about fighting, not shooting in the second part of my post. If someone comes at me (I sometimes have to manage late night locations in NYC) which has happened, and I need to defend myself, I will make sure I feel safe, which means, until I see you on the ground in agony, I still take you as a threat....unless you are running away. As for your above post, again, you are arguing the same thing I am, but playing with words. Shooting to kill and using deadly force are nothing more than legal terminology. In practice, they are the same thing. You don't shoot in the legs and arms do you?

P.S. The pharmacist shooting is NOT what I am talking about. The guy EXECUTED the perp. While I personally agree with it, it is still illegal. However, if the guy died from the first shot, no one would bat an eye right?

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