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School has started back up and so that's been taking up a decent amount of my time. I do have some updates to report though. Since my last post I dropped the rest of the engine parts off at the machine shop. This past week they called me to let me know their done, so as soon as I get the chance to go pick them up I can start the assembly process on the engine.

The next very exciting thing is that I've moved where I've been working on the car. I used to be sharing a space with the manufacturing company I work for, but it was a bit of a hassle due to getting in each others way and having to work after hours etc. That recently changed when some of the other building tenants moved out (the manufacturing company also owns the whole building, but they rented parts out that they weren't using). Long story short I was able to take over one of the 'smaller' rooms with huge bay door that opens up to the rest of the building (I can still get forklifts in and out no problem) AND an overhead door on ground level so I can also drive my e46 in when it needs maintenance done. I still need to get new bulbs for some of the light fixtures and upgrade them from 250 to 400W, but it's come a long way.

Two wide angle shots of the space:

It looks dim in the pictures because I had to take the shots handheld, so I needed a short shutter speed.

Some of the cool old tools I've adopted...

A nice radial arm drill press:

Floor Standing Bench Grinder:

Cast Iron Leg Workbench with a 1/4" metal top (great for welding smaller things)

General desk space and storage:

Then I finally picked up welder of my own. An old 80's Beta-tig, lays down a great bead:

And my new baby, a Lincoln Square-Wave 175.

Planning to use that for the intake plenum to go on the itb's as well as a full custom exhaust with tubular headers. And then maybe a small rollcage, depending on how I could fit it around the seats.
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