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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Again, disagree. Any instructor worth his time will not portray this image. You shoot and keep engaging until there no longer is a threat. Once there is no longer one, you disengage. You are not shooting to kill, if you were, you would walk over to them and put two in the back of their heads. The reason to shoot COM is for accuracy and effectiveness. Yes, there are vital organs there which is a reason as well since you have a better chance of disabling a person with VO shots, but again, you goal should not be to kill the person.

Sometimes, death is a side effect of stopping a threat, but not always. It's a side effect you can't control. After a shooting, you should be administering medical aid to the person as well if safe to do so.

I'm done here
Why, because I think that scum like that kid need to be removed from society? Because he violated the owners personal property, safety and liberty? Because the perp could have come back with 2 more friends and this time, killed the entire staff? Sorry JJ, the pharmacist violated the law, but did not violate MY morals.
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