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Originally Posted by SW222 View Post

As bad as it may sound, it's things like this why I carry everywhere I go. Had it been a guy with a much worse temper and a knife, I think it would have turned out much differently for the cashier.

Enough of the "What if...?" scenarios, though. The reality: The minute these two women got knocked to the ground by that metal pole, they probably realized, "Jesus Christ... we seriously just fucked up." The cashier didn't know that, though. If he saw them move, he hit them again. That seems like a pretty damn efficient way to incapacitate someone and keep them on the ground (reference to an earlier post).

I'm sure this is the case with most violent criminals or criminals who threaten the life of someone, only to see retaliation and take two or three .45 ACP hollow points to center mass. While they're lying on the ground, breathing their last breaths, I'm sure they're going to regret every making those decisions. It's such a shame they can't have that regret prior to the situation.

As for the one woman's mother, she needs to grasp reality and probably rephrase what she said. "My daughter is a great person around me. I don't know how she acts around her friends, but they like her!"
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