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Originally Posted by CoconutPete View Post
Crank the volume up. It sounds like he tells them to stay down. When they don't, they get another whack. I like this guy more and more every time I watch the video.
If someone assaults me, I put them down, tell them to stay down, and see them try to get back up, I'm going to interpret that as the threat not being eliminated. That's the key when it comes to self defense: Use force to ELIMINATE the threat. I don't know if I'd continue beating the person over the head, especially if they're semi-incapacitated, but I would ensure they could not cause me harm. Truth be told, If I were in that guy's position, I really can't say exactly what I would do.


I've never had to USE force, but I have had to draw on more than one occasion (a criminal who wanted my wallet, a case of randomly targeted road rage [guy claimed I cut him off when I never even changed lanes ], and an idiot in a shooting range). Was I happy doing it? No. Was my adrenaline pumping? No. Was I thinking clearly? Not by a long shot. The only true thing on my mind in each situation was making sure I survived (in the case of the shooting range incident, I was also keeping the safety of the range officer in mind), regardless of what happened to the potential assailant.
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