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Originally Posted by e46stallion View Post
good point.

but for me it is basically the opposite. i never shot film really before so for me i like the fact that you dont see the photo right away, it makes it exciting...sure it can get expensive but i really only plan on shooting for fun...i always have my digital slr.
Originally Posted by ride365 View Post
That's definitely part of the appeal for me... the anticipation, the unpredictability, the reward. I can shoot 100 digital photos, take it back to the computer to review and just think, ehh, and move on. With film you go buy the film, you load it into the camera with care, you go shooting, if you don't finish the current roll you wait until the next time you get to shoot, you remove the film with care, you drive it to the developer, YOU LEAVE IT, you come back later (days if it's a custom shop), and while the person is ringing up your total, you're tearing into the envelope as calmly as you can to see what prize you got. It's just different.

Costs definitely add up. That along with your extra time and effort make you more selective with your shooting. With digital I get about 10% "success" rate, meaning shots that I'm proud of... and I'm a conservative shooter. With most rolls of film it's more like 50-75% success rate for me. It's definitely influenced how I shoot digital. I think I have a much more discerning eye because of my experience with film. I never just rattle off shots like I'm on a slot machine hoping to get lucky.
We all have such different ways of seeing it. To me, waiting for film photos to come out isn't like unwrapping a present, it's like waiting to find out how badly I screwed up, because you can't do anything to the picture. Digital is actually more alike to opening presents for me. I love knowing I can go home and play around with all the pictures I took. Usually when I go shoot I don't sleep that following night lol.

I actually like the idea of rattling off shots. I've gotten quite a few decent shots that way. I'm not saying that should be the way you shoot, but it's not like it's a bad thing. For me rattling off shots would be something like street photography or candid stuff so maybe my definition is a bit different than yours.

e46stallion, those color prints came out great. I've never shot in color before, just b&w.
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