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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
Thanks, guys! I searched the thread and found most of what I'm looking for...

When I rode the other day I got some in-ear buds and tried not to turn the music too loud. I didn't hear the music very well due to exhaust and wind noise most of the time. I didn't want to turn it up higher since I have tinnitus already and don't need loss of hearing. At low speeds or standstill, I could hear it comfortably enough while still hearing ambient noises.

Not sure if I will continue to listen to music on occasion.
Some earphones work better than others, due to design. My primary requirement is that it acts as a noise-reduction device first, which means it "plugs" into the ear and deadens the sound from my exhaust as well as the wind.

I actually have a nicer pair of Bose earbuds at my desk, but I don't use them for motorcycling because they are designed more to sit on the outside of the ear and wrap around the earlobe. When I tried to ride with them, I ran into the same issue as you.
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