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Whats Up! Try to keep this thread going by introducing myself. Im Graham, been hanging out on e46fanatics for a while now although not much recently. Been doing a lot of work on my 330 over the last several months and just recently got it to a point to where i can start getting out there a doing some events. Ill say when the build started drifting was not the focus but have to say i am glad that i took the route that i took. Original plans were to make a DE car out of it and something that i could also use as my daily since i only have one car right now. That direction i have still held on to, but recently have gained a love for drifting. The beauty of a good DE setup is adjustable suspension which now makes it a triple purpose car. DE, DD & Drift! Although it mostly stays in drift mode now.

The car has come along way but is still far from finished. I guess it all started back in January at a Streetwise Drift event up in Charlotte where i ran into Andy Sapp. After talking for probably an hour he had me dead sold on getting a Kaaz. So i immediately when home a started combing through FS ads and eBay. Finally came across one completely by chance. I saw a FS ad for a JB Racing LTW flywheel & clutch and at the price it was listed i immediately jumped. So after about 5 PM's or so me and the seller started discussing car setups and i told him that i was also planning on doing a LSD. And sure enough he just happened to have a Kaaz 1.5 way that he had just taken out after one of the teeth on the pinion gear had broken off, but he assured me that the LSD was still solid. Without having to event think about it i PayPal'ed the money and the next week a 3.46 diff showed up at my door. I immediately took it inside a began tearing into it and would you believe, after busting most of the pinion gear into lots of little bits, the Kaaz unit itself was not touched at all. So another week of searching to find a new donor diff landed me a nice 3.46 itching for real diff. So eventually got everything back together and in the car and sure enough it still worked like a champ and still is today with 30,000 more miles on it. So if your in the market if an LSD, Kaaz. The end. And weather you find a deal on a used unit or drop the dough for a new one, i promise it will be the best money you will ever spend modding
your e46.

So after the diff and flywheel came the usual track car upgrades. A set of Koni yellows and Ground Control Coil over Conversion, Hotchkiss sway bars, , camber/caster plates, and all the usual bushings. And then in evidently came the need for mo powaaa!! After much research and thread digging i could only come to one conclusion. Either deal with the 238hp stock motor or drop some serious coin on some serious shiz. Well it didn't take long to realize that i am way too broke to either swap or go FI so that left me stuck with a stock motor that cant make much more power over stock for cheap. And after reading the numerous horror stories that surround the M54. Ones like oil pump nuts falling off, chains coming apart, oil pump shafts breaking and so on, it really made me even more scared to try and extract any more out of that motor than its already got. So this is where things got creative. First, in went an M3 air box for better flow with a K&N drop-in and next a set of Bimmerbrake headers but mostly for sound. And then the fun began.

One night as i was hanging out with some of my car buddies, we got on the discussion of power to weight. We were just sitting around throwing out ideas of chassis and motor combination. As the conversation went on it turned into contemplating just how light i could get my 330. By this point the hood was popped and we were all just sitting around pointing out the various parts of an e46 that could be removed without compromising the drive ability of the car. Now let me clarify; drive ability as in the fewest things on our cars necessary to just get by as a street car. So this got me thinking a lot, a whole lot and needless to say by the end of the night my perfectly working A/C was completely out. And from there it seems to have caught on like a various. Next was all the emissions garbage under the hood along with the washer tank, then slowly the trunk got gutted. But i would have to say the breaking point was the day that my interior came out. If you have not looked under my user name by now to see what i drive, its an AW 03 ZHP sedan. And yes, every last bit of that Alcantara and aluminum trim came out. Currently taking up 2 full pallets at my shop, its all still there maybe one day to go back in. Only after a roll cage of course. The sport cloth/Alcantara seats were replace by two Corbeau FX1 Pros, the sunroof replace with a nice thin sheet of carbon fiber and the plush black carpets replaced by custom aluminum floor pans i made to hide all the wiring underneath. Slowly but surely every last ounce of unnecessary weight came out including airbags, radio, speakers, rear door panels, center console, cabin air filter tray, carbon canister, fog lights and horns.

Now you might ask why strip such a nice car, was it worth it? And the answer is HELL YEAH! Yeah it might be a little loud or a bit harsh or a tad hot in the summer but having an e46 with good suspension underneath that feels this light and nimble is IMO defiantly worth every sacrifice. Currently the car sits at roughly 2800 if not a bit under with 1/4 tank of gas and no driver. Starting from 3350, that's a huge difference, and not only does it handle like a dream now, it will even give m3 verts a run for their money.

Well that's the cars story, but for me, im just beginning. The car has come a long way and im at about that point now to take the car and start getting out there to some DE and drift days. So far i have only done one drift event back in September. All in all i think it went quite well, the car did good and held up for the most part, at least what i threw at it. My mistake was letting one of the instructors take it around the course. Some how he managed to get the clutch disk so hot it stuck to the pressure plate. With this occurring only half way through the day i was determined to get back out there and log as much seat time as i could. It was a bit of a trick driving without being able to disengage the clutch. Had to put it in first with the car off, use the starter to get rolling. Once going had to pop it out of first and gently slide it in second gear while trying to match the rpm's as best i could, but after that it was business as usual. Eventually got the clutch sorted out the next day and up until now it seems to be behaving and i pray it stay together just long enough to make it down to Clear To Drift on the 29th.

Well that pretty much sums up me and my ZHP. Its nice to see a drift thread on e46fanatics, i sure did not think i would ever see it on this forum. Lets see if we can't keep this one alive and maybe if were lucky they will make a drifting sub section like over on bf.c. And of course what would this thread be with out some pics.

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