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Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
New fuses?

Did you crack your headlight or anything? Maybe you can turn it into an upright naked bike?
When i was riding i let the battery die, and then jumped it at home (my fault on battery. Somehow burned out fuse on the spedo/tach. Used one of the replacement fuses on the bike, but for 5 bucks figured i would just get a box of them to have

Originally Posted by Pasha View Post
wait, i guess i missed it, but why is it at the impound?
Cause DPD sucks dick. By the time he showed up i was tied down in the ambulance. More so, he wouldnt leave it, or tow it to my house.

Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
Prolly cause he was in an ambulance and no one was there to take it.
Then u figure they'll charge him rent even tho it wasn't his fault.
bingo. I love the break down.

$120 for tow (reasonable)
$20/day storage (not unreasonable)
$20 processing fee (whatever)
$50 notification fee - This is a letter (that i STILL havnt gotten - that informs me they have my bike. The lady proudly told me it is COMPLETELY COMPUTER GENERATED!)

that last part pissed me off. 120+(5x20)+20+50+tax=$301.10 - completely wasted.
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