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Just got back from the machine shop. Very impressed with their work overall, especially on the head. But I'll let the pictures do them justice.

Got the Cometic Gasket and the Pistons back today as well. Still just as sexy as the day I got them...

On the block it was pretty much just the standard stuff. Surface the deck, then bored it out to 86mm and a fresh hone. Then I also had them add some oil squirters from an m50 (I think). This should help keep the pistons temps down once the boost hits. They also have built in pressure regulators, so if the pressure is low it won't rob the oil from the main bearings.

Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the block deck, it's still in the trunk of my car and I couldn't flip it around to take the pics.

Now on to the head. First thing first was new exhaust and intake guides. Then the valve pockets were enlarges for +1mm valves (43mm intake and 37mm exhaust) with a 3-angle valve job to help improve flow. Then, last but not least, I had then fully weld the coolant passages were possible to ensure the head would be as strong as possible for the boost. This involved port-matching with the cometic gasket, leaving the most possible material while not reducing flow at all.

There's nothing like a clean head to start off the weekend:

The business side:

Close up of the welding and port-matching:

Silly engine, thinking it's still a 2.5L....

I still need to pick up all the gaskets, bearings, and small misc stuff before I can really start the assembly process. That and I need to decide on the color to paint the engine block. Right now I'm torn between white (easy to spot oil leaks and can look very clean), bmw motorsports red (would look great with the engine bay being white, which it will be) or motorsports blue (same as the red while being a little more subtle and vintage imo).

The e46 carrying the heart transplant to help it's friend, so touching.

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