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Where to start,

First lets throw out all the supposition that already might be in this thread.

I own & drive both a Quaife LSD equipped street car (330Ci) and a Diffsonline Variable Ramp-3 Clutch LSD for my 325i race car. That said, I won't be giving any supposition.

For street use you can't beat the Quaife. Maintenance free, no new noises, never needs to be rebuilt like a clutch type & always gives full traction unless one rear wheel is physically off the ground. If you go to a road race track, you may find that in really tight turns you'll get a little inner wheel slippage. But still much faster times on the clock when compared to an open diff. For a lot of autocross events I'd go with a custom diff from Diffsonline or an OS Giken. So if your on the street 95% of the time, the Quaife makes an excellent choice. When talking with any of these companies, tell them exactly how you plan on driving the car & what RWHP you have.

For Quaife, go here first & ask for a deal. Harold / owner.

For a custom setup or Quaife, Kaas or OS Giken. Dan / owner.

Good luck.

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