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Originally Posted by triniboy18 View Post
I have the tritton axpro's which are about $150, which is the next best thing to astro's, some people even say that the sound quality is better on the trittons but the astro's are just faster. If 150 is to much then you can check you the tritton ax720's. I have never tried turtle beaches but some people do say that they are good but I have never used them, but every time I put my axpro's on I

Anyone else having dreams about Cod?. I cannot remember to much but I dreamt that I could not get a ride to get the game at the midnight release, calling everyone I knew. I was going nuts trying to look for a ride but nothing I then began to rage until i woke up and made sure today that I have a ride on the midnight release. that is all.
A lot of reviews preferred the sound of the 720s over the pros I had the 720s and they were nice. but the astros are much better and super comfortable. You wont go wrong with either of the trittons or astros. Astro also makes an A30 which is cheaper than the A40 and uses the same mixamp.
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