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Arrow Dynavin Info.........D95 "Version 6"


New for 2012, Dynavin is rolling out a new updated "D95" platform stereo/navigation system, following the past nomenclature it will likely end up being referred to as a Version 6......or V6.

It is a new set of hardware and a new interface although it remains similar to previous models. The new hardware is mostly related to the "Radio" part of the unit, the navigation part (both WinCE and Android models) carries forward unchanged.

In light of this it is time to update the Dynavin info thread! Discussion can continue about the V5 units on the old thread:

And if you want to talk about Android specific stuff, keep it in the android thread:

Instead of repeating the old thread over again I will instead focus on the changes in the new D95 units, for a broader overview of what a Dynavin is, install info, etc... read the old thread.

Please read EVERYTHING before you ask a question, I will do my best to put new info this thread as it is found.

And of course dont forget to Read the Dynavin FAQ:

Shameless Plug: Due to my involvement in the BMW and Dynavin communities, and some scary situations with previous Dynavin dealers, I decided last year to become a Dynavin dealer. You can still get a Dynavin from me along with all the help and advice you might need.....DYNAVIN SOLUTIONS.... you can email me at, find us in the sponsor section, or click the link in my sig to find out how you can get one for yourself.

Now on to the good stuff.....

Cosmetically the units are the same, same buttons, same knobs, same fit/finish, and that is a good thing!

But behind the scenes Dynavin has made some changes to the wiring, gone is the bulky wire harness, in its place is a simplified setup with removable plug in auxiliary harnesses. The steering wheel interface wiring is now a completely integrated part of the wire harness. Note the RCA plugs are now separate, so if you are not using them, you don't have to install them! This saves valuable space in the dash and makes for an easier fit in the dash. (Those of you with previous dynavin units know what im talking about!)


Im not going to clutter this post with install info, check out the old thread for that:

Once the unit is in the dash, this is what you will find:


The radio is little changed, small refinements mostly making for a more intuitive interface, reception seems a little better than in past units.


The ipod interface is MUCH improved, the unit now has the "standard" ipod interface with the ability to browse by artist/album/song/playlist/etc... , no frills, no video, or album art, but the interface is clean, fast, and functional. YES it has the "ipod resume" feature. The only real downside ive seen is that shuffle tends to slow the unit down so its important to be deliberate and careful if you use shuffle mode, don't do too many commands at once or you may get erratic performance. Other than that everything pretty much works as you would think it would.

relevant info is displayed


Just like in previous units the "digital sources" have a somewhat different interface, on the V6 it is far more attractive than previous units and changes based on the needs of the source (USB showing the file structure while CDs show only a track listing for instance)


Bluetooth phone performance seems much improved, the unit still has an internal AND an external mic but the performance of the external mic is much improved, I found that with a little experimentation I was able to clip the mic in place in the factory microphone location by the sunroof controls. Sound quality here was good.

your results will of course vary depending on a multitude of factors, my initial tests show this is a good starting point but I still encourage everyone to experiment a bit for best results.

Still no contact list so dialing still must be done from the phone or the on screen number pad.

The steering wheel "talk" button works to answer, reject, and hang up calls.

Bluetooth streaming is still very good, sound quality is good and the Play/Pause and Track buttons work very well (with an iphone at least). As is typical though bluetooth streaming volume is fairly low so its critical to make sure your phones bluetooth media volume level is all the way up.

Source Selection

Pressing the MODE button on the front of the unit brings up the main source selection screen, from here you can access any of the sources or the radio settings menu.

Audio Settings Menu

The audio menu can be adjusted from this screen but all the standard audio adjustments are also accessible by pressing the volume knob, nice and intuitive.

Yes that is a subwoofer volume control for those of you with subs...

other settings

I wont be going into the details of all the settings here but I will be putting together a setup guide on my website in the coming weeks to explain the function and desired settings of the various options...

"Hidden" factory settings menu

This menu is exactly what it sounds like, its used by the factory or the installer to do some basic setup and regional adjustments, it is accessed by selecting AUX as the source, then holding down 9 on the remote. Here you can change the radio region to the appropriate area, set the units output to match your factory amp (or not) Hint: DO NOT select "optical" or you may blow up your speakers.... not kidding....

There is also the tricky little inclusion of a LOGO setting....for legal reasons Dynavin cant ship units with the BMW logo but they did hide this little easter egg in the unit. Setting it to BMW gives the unit a BMW roundel on start up instead of the Dynavin logo, NICE.


Ill be adding more to this post over the next few days and weeks, navigation info, android vs winCE info, etc...

so stay tuned...

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