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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
Dude, I think it's you. A lot of times, when we feel inadequately happy with ourselves, we project that onto others, and sometimes by the sheer fact that someone is attracted to you and that you have them in a relationship brings down their 'marketability'. I have a feeling if you broke up with this chick and saw her out one day, you'd feel differently about her. I don't know. Think about it.
I am sure some of it is me but honestly, she is a very submissive person. I need someone that is more assertive and quite frankly, has more backbone. Example - she took a 3 month unpaid internship on the premise that she would be hired after and she DID NOT ask what the salary was going to be because she was uncomfortable. 3 months goes by and they lowball the **** out of her. Just an example of how submissive she is.
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