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Originally Posted by lexpression View Post
Interesting episode last night. Didn't really understand the Quinn/Batista smoking scene, was expecting more from the whole Masuka's assistant and the ice truck killer hand story line, and it seems like they're moving fast with this whole 'Doomsday killers' thing
Agree to EVERY point made... The smoking provided no character development, the assistant turn was totally lame (and a waste of what could have been a fun plot line), and the doomsday puzzle is already getting pieced together... in the third/fourth episode of the season, dexter has already seen the killer? WTF
Originally Posted by klubeck View Post
I definitely thought there was going to be more of a story line w/ Masuka's assistant...seemed like they just killed it off and was her just needing money, maybe they'll come back with it though

I still can't decide yet if the Professor is alive or just a part of Travis's (Colin Hanks) sub conscious much like the way Harry is to Dexter.
When watching it other people never acknowledge him, just when he first talked to the waitress and she refilled his glass. And then when she was tied up in the house she looked at him like he was a crazy bipolar motherfvcker, not remembering that he had tied her up...thinking the professor did it.

Really liked this episode though, think it was probably one of the few where Dexter doesn't kill someone. Interested to see where they take it.
Very interesting... though if they go this route, I feel it was rather cheap as he interacts with objects and stuff.. like he was painting the picture of the angel and stuff...

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