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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Very interesting... though if they go this route, I feel it was rather cheap as he interacts with objects and stuff.. like he was painting the picture of the angel and stuff...
Yeah i noticed that bit too...and just figured it was Travis's mind envisioning those things. Maybe it is different than the connection Dexter has with Harry; Dexter knows that Harry is dead and just a "figure" to guide him, not in the pysical form. Maybe it is that Travis isn't able to grasp onto the reality that the Professor is dead, and still believes that he is alive...but in reality it is just himself doing all these things, split personality -- Me, Myself and Irene type situation for not being able to remember his own actions.

Originally Posted by lexpression View Post
+1, didn't even thought about that. They did discuss last episode how Dexter thought two people could be involved though because of the difference in the cuts to the bodies
I think this just plays into the fact that there are "two" different people committing these crimes. You have Travis on the one side, following the orders he believes the professor is giving to him (the brawn if you will) while there is the Professor mentality who is calculating and precise with his actions (the brains)...and together it is one person.
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