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Originally Posted by Mike Larry View Post
also, how did his son get so old? isnt he only supposed to be about 2 years old right now? why is he already looking for a preschool?
Guess you missed the part where they said that a whole year had passed since the previous season

Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
My guess is the old man was Hank's teacher, he mentored him for a while and Hank's killed him. Because they said he's been missing 3 years, MPD looks for this old man and Dexter kills Hank's because they never find out about him because they look for the old man.
Hanks killing the professor could be an interesting plot line for them. One way or another MPD is definitely going to fvck it up as usual and it'll come down to Dexter in the end. This new detective though seems to know his stuff, he'll prolly be the one to "almost" catch Dexter this season and possibly give away his secret.

I'm curious if this will be one of the last two seasons...either end with this one or close it with Dexter getting caught and them going after him in S07. I'd read where Michael Hall and showtime were having trouble negotiating the contract for next season
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