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Originally Posted by Sam 330ci View Post
Have you guys tried Parrot Bay Coconut? It's delicious.

oh you...... <3

Originally Posted by benjamin1 View Post
When I first started smoking cigars, they were a bit harsh for me. A friend of mine said that if I dipped the end of the cigar in my scotch, it would blend the flavors and make both more enjoyable for me. I'm not sure if this is common practice or not, but I like it.
errrr not sure if that would have the same effect as a scotch "infused" wrapper... i brought some cigars back from DR and few of them had the inside paper of the cigar soaked in rum, cognac... etc... not typically my style

never dipped a cigar in scotch

Originally Posted by kushy View Post

seriously your first post sounds trolling.... but in all honesty, drink it because you like it... if you don't, well then don't drink it

you called it a "classy" drink... not really sure what you mean by that but if you want a drink that looks "classy" you can go with a vodka or gin martini, clear only with a twist or dirty lol

Originally Posted by mistrzmiasta View Post
i had a sip of blue label once.....
well you should know by now that it is the only scotch to live by, and regardless of your financial situation you shouldn't waste your money on anything else

Originally Posted by mr_mikes7 View Post
I prefer Bourbon. But Glenmorangie is good, and the Green Label is quite interesting. Diamond Crown Maximus cigar.
i need to get a bit more in to bourbons... i'll have some from time to time, but no enough to be knowledgeable in the least bit

speaking of green label, cheers, pic loading now
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