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Originally Posted by oldenstat View Post
So, when buying the D95 from your website, which product do we select? The Dynavin E46 Android unit? Or is the Dynavin E46 WinCE unit considered D95 as well? My apologies if I sound confused; I'm just not sure if D90 = WinCE and D95 = Android.
It's safe to say that this has been explained a million times and if you don't get it by now I doubt you ever will.
The new Dynavin D95 comes in both WinCE and Android version.
Dynavin make two different versions, one is WinCE and the other is an Android version, both are the new D95 model.
The D95 model number refers to both a WinCE version and an Android version.
So both the WinCE and Android versions are numbered D95.
Therefore when you order the new Dynavin D95 model you can choose to have either the WinCE version or the Android version.

I think I've run out of different ways to say it.

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