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part 2

And now to make it supa clean:

Drilled into the metal behind the seats to secure the piece of MDF:

View from the cabin:

Screwed Amp into it as well, and routed the wires cleanly

Trunk COMPLETE lol:

Now onto the really obnoxious stuff..........the interor This seriously mad me lose sleep at night..... I was very nervouse that i would royally mess up the rear deck and have to shell out for another one. Lets see what happens

After about two weeks of brainstorming, I had thought up DOZENS of possible ways to do this. The most difficult part was the fact that the stock rear deck has a "trough" in it. In order to make it look neat, I thought i would have to basically delete this entirely. After test fitting the rear deck cover over the subs, the part of the box inbetween the subs, and really hte whole box itself caused the deck to push up ALOT in the middle. Now the middle of the two sub holes were cut out so as you can imagine, those middle parts stuck up because they were no longer connected. No pics of this. Then I decided in order to counter act this, I would construct a metal skeleton that would fit snugly around the subs, but would be fastened to the rear deck cover itself:

initial design + refinement:

Now on the subs with the deck: to give yyou an idea of what i was dealing with:

Next I glued it the bottom of the rear deck again with 77 adhesive:

(lol at my zip tied needle nose pliers?)

Note the aweful color of my rear deck. Yes, that is supposed to be black..... Now I used a fair amount of epoxy to smooth out the joints and add curvature to the rest of the side "troughs."

Now here it is after felting it with some top grade interior automotive material:

Whuddup! looking good! (minus all the dog fur etc)

Next I decided to put in epoxy and JB Weld in the areas where i could herar some squeaking from my vacation at the beach. I wanted to do this also to reduce road noise from the trunk, but I ended up not doing it 100% around because I had already used like 8 tubes lol:

Instead of spending more money on new sound dampening I simply reused the stock bmw sound deadening rubber as well as the foam. I used enough of the rubber stuff to completely cover all openings/metal.

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