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part 3

Throw on the deck. Does it fit? Yes sir!

Then threw in the stock rear deck speakers (one legit has 1/4 of the outer most cone area completely disintigrated! its aweful and rattles, but I am going to grab some new upgraded BSW's in the future so Ill deal with it till then ) Here's how this puppy looks completely assembled!!!!

*****It looks so pimp when you look into the car through the rear windshield and see these bad boys, however, I got my windows tinted 35% (legal limit in MD) so that the sun wouldnt mess with my subs. As a result its impossible (at least with my iphone cam lol) to get a decent pic from outside in the daytime....... deal with the flash, sry guys

(no flash)

RESULT. I started this legitamently the day I got out of school......(May 18th) and finished about 1 month into the next school year (around September 30th)!!!


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