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Originally Posted by ModBargains III View Post
I gotta be honest. At first I really thought this might go downhill after I saw that picture will all your pliers zip tied to act as clamps, but... You did pull it off to be honest. That looks pretty damn good!! Congrats!
Had 3-4 real clamps, and 3-4 pressure-clamp pliers. 8 places of contact didn't seem like enough, so i got creative. Whenever I bump em, I can't help but admire them in the rear view! Lol were the pliers really that off-putting?

Originally Posted by game-of-stance View Post
Wow! Looks great! How's it sound? Rattle a lot?
Believe it or not, the only thing that rattles is my license plate, because it only has 3 of the 4 screws holding it on. These subs bump SO HARD. Obviously, it depends on the quality of the song, but for example: on "Two shots" off the carter 4, I can turn the base boost up all the way PLUS crank it up on the head unit, and it doesn't distort, just stops your heart is all

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