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Originally Posted by STALKER
Did you notice an improvement in handling though even though it felt softer???
like my description says these parts are used but in excellent condition. the car was never driven in the snow or rain so the parts are pretty close to new as can be. the suspension was on the car for about 3k miles. and yes it's authentic. you can verify the part numbers when you call up cec.

i bought my car used and the previous owner had these installed shortly before he sold the car to me. so i can't really tell you how different it is from stock but like i said i have sat in my friends car with stock suspension and the ride is not as harsh.

not sure if this will help you, but i have pss9's installed right now and i would have to say that the handling is about the same. i went with the pss9's because i wanted the adjustability.

i found this thread and maybe the info may be helpful.
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