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It runs

Still plenty of work to do before it's finished if a car like this is ever finished.....

Seems like I've got a faulty brake master cylinder as I no pressure to the rear brakes, not ideal
Needs to have the wheels aligned etc & still quite a bit of wiring/interfacing to sort out so still a few late nights left in it yet!!!!

But I'm a happy chap Craig's work is amazing I can't thank him enough for the work he's done & the endless advice & use of his workshop for the last month or two, I honestly wouldn't trust anyone else with car/van/bikes

Oh yeah it's gained a bit of weight..... It's 1499kg so 78kg heavier not all of that is engine tho, it's down to bigger brakes/wheel spacers/anti roll bars/diff/boot floor mods etc so it's about the same weight as a STD M3

I taxed it earlier & have done 5-6 miles in it, it's fast.... I love the way when you rev it the car rocks side to side, it's as quite as I could make it but you can still hear the V8 rumble it's almost wrong in a BMW. I've got lots to sort out before it's really roadworthy at the moment the brakes aren't working correctly, no abs, speedo or any gauges apart from fuel I think the can bus is connected to more of the car than I first thought. Lots to do but I can already tell this is going to be a fantastic car

I've got to the bottom of some of my issues today I've refitted the BMW engine ecu with hindsight I should never have removed it.... & now have a working temp gauge & I've been able to scan the car & the reason (or at least one of) I have no abs or speedo is because the car is not seeing the rear wheel sensors the M3 rear end is from a later 2004 car with DSC & it looks like the sensors are not compatible with my ASC unit so tomorrow I'm going to try & get some older sensors & fit them, with a bit of luck that will sort my brake issues too only leaving to decide which way to resolve the tacho either machine my front pulley & fit the BMW sensor or source a convert box from the chevvy crank sensor to the BMW one.

Todo list is very small indeed, aircon pipes/gas, bleed clutch, fit trigger ring for rev counter & clean it

The last few days have been a blur!!!! I'd say the car is 90% now my todo list is almost empty I think all that's left is to have the aircon gassed, alignment done & tweak the map when it's got a few more miles on it, oh & fix it.....

Obv you just can't buy aircon lines for chevvy in a bmw off the shelf so at DynoTorque that means Craig makes them....

I've gained control of most of my gauges, I made this really hard work for myself by taking out & selling the bmw ecu with the engine I didn't realise how much of the car was connected to the DME, heater, aircon, abs, speedo instrument cluster with the help of my mate rob & a bentley manual, bmw tis, bmw laptop software, chevvy laptop software, digital volt meter & a lot of time we refitted what we needed of the bmw DME & wiring and had a trigger wheel made to so the DME still thinks the bmw engine is fitted.....

All of which gives it

Took a couple of pics before I drove home in it last night

Unfortunately the bmw expansion tank has sprung a leak so I'm off to try & source one or there will be UBMW for me

Not really an update more just an excuse to post a pic or two

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