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Over the coming weeks/months time & money permitting I'll be:
Sort ABS/brake issues, still have a long pedal & odd ABS performance I really don't want to remove the ABS but it's becoming an option & fit rear AP's
Sort Air bag faults (passenger seat pad override)
Connect oil level sensor from LS1 sump to BMW DME
Find/sort irritating noise from rear seat/shelf area
Get air con gassed
Replace front tyres
Decide how high/low I want the car & get Alignment sorted
Make front strut brace & mod tower so camber can be adjusted easier.
Fit Parrot hands free kit
Make it quieter
Map the fuelling
Drive it like I stole it
So over the last month I've been a bit lazy/unfocussed but I have done a couple of bits to it....
Brakes: I'm hating brakes at the moment! I found that the ABS module was faulty so finally gave in and ditched it another set of new braided lines were made up and fitted, I have brakes..... Well kinda it now stops in a straight line but pedal feel travel is still the same So it must be a master cylinder ratio issue even tho the maths say it's all fine.... So I replace it with a bigger one & also put the rear AP calipers back on & the difference is minmal Without Craig pushing me at this point I'd have just parked it up & sulked! Craig modified the pedal pivot but still no real difference it seems that everything makes it a 'little' better but nothing fixes it 100% we also changed the servo as we had one but no difference... I'm beaten!!! Craig isn't tho he checks the internal diameter of the pipes & it's dash 4 not the dash 3 he specified (means nowt to me either) so yesterday I made new front lines with dash 3 and the pedal is 75% better!!! Going to change the rear lines too & fingers crossed I should have the amazing brakes this car needs! Craig your a hero without you this would be just another unfinished project.

I've made a sensor pad bypass for the passenger seat airbag mean the pass airbag will always trigger now, these are on eBay for 15 but I made mine using 2 100ohm resistors & a diode so about a 1

I've replaced the front tyres with some awesome Dunlops (well Craig treated me to them as a unneeded thank you for getting his website up to date ) they have transformed the car the grip & turn in is fantastic wet or dry very impressed this is the first E46 I've had that doesn't understeer

I've been twiddling with the HSD's & have a decent compromise between looks & bottoming out getting to the garage, I've also backed the front camber off from 3degrees to 2degrees since fitting the Dunlops but will still get it aligned at some point if only to see how close to correct I've got it.

Been logging the fuelling/mapping & it was being restricted by the MAF/throttle body so before an E46 forum dyno day I decided I'd change the MAF with one we had just before I left for the dyno.... Car felt flat as a fart and made shockingly low 326bhp on the dyno, on my return to DynoTorque after some of the piss take had stopped Craig told me the MAF I'd put on was from a car that had been written off in floods..... No wonder it felt flat!!! So I took it off & Craig got busy porting the throttle body for me & also persuaded Pinhead to remove the LS2 MAF from his ute (he's had a mafless tune) so I could use it on mine a few new pipes later & it feels like a new car the bottom end is now so sharp the pick up is much faster much more mapping/tuning is needed but I can't believe the difference it's made so far.

So my to do list now looks like:
Replace rear brake lines again
Interface LS1/BMW oil sensor
Fit/gas aircon compressor
Front strut brace
Fit Parrot
Fix rattles
And more destroying rear tyres

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