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Originally Posted by Five_seveN View Post
who remembers turning gravity off, spawning a tank, flipping the muzzle backwards and flying to the third island in GTA3 (while flying over the "see you in miami" billboard)?
I think you could do something similar in VC and SA. Also in SA (for PS2), I remember if you held Square (reverse) and tapped X (go forward) while on a mountain bike, your character would do ten kinds of crazy shit. Warp, twist, freak out...

Also in SA, you could get a tractor, hook a large vehicle (the bigger, the better!), and swerve side to side while accelerating. You'd end up going warp speeds.

I didn't like the whole nutrition factor in SA. It was cool to do hairstyles, clothes (duh), tattoos, etc., but nutrition? Just let me go shoot some people and beat some hookers, PLEASE.
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I know I suck as an OT poster, but at least I have Edken to make me look good.
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