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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
What claims?
Word has leaked out that in its new budget, the Obama administration intends to terminate NASA's planetary exploration program. (

[Citation Needed]
I'm not about to get all up in arms about anything that starts out "Word has leaked out" This reads like a TMZ article.
I'll save my torch and pitchfork for the official press release on the budget.

Not only is this the Washington Times (a news source known for poor reporting), it is also sole-sourced by Robert Zubrin (a known Mars fanatic). That doesn't make the story untrue, but I rank its current trustworthiness at slightly higher than my horoscope.
Remember that Obama's previous budget proposal was to a) cut Constellation and b) use those funds to develop commercial launch and nuclear rocket stages. Viewed as a whole, it was awesome. But Congress overturned that poposal.

It pretty much dawned on me that I needed to check the URL when I read this in the article:
If the administration needs to cut budgets, it should start with those of the regulatory agencies that are strangling the nation's businesses rather than NASA...
**** this shitty "journalism" injecting talking points into what should be a serious non-partisan issue.

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