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It is a possibility. However, I think the problem is at least complex. Today morning, completely cold car - both high and low pressures are 70 psi. Connected INPA - pressure sensor shows -0.8 bar. I don't see how the pressure sensor may show NEGATIVE pressure, having both high and low at 70 psi. Unless both expansion valve and condenser are clogged, but it is unlikely and if I heat up the pressure sensor I get perfectly cold air and compressor works just fine with no extra sounds or weirdnesses.
So, I think I am going to start with replacing the pressure sensor anyway.

But. I still don't get why equalization of pressures takes so long. Can anybody confirm that high and low pressures should quickly equalize after A/C is off? Please? If yes, when I definitely looking to replacement of dryer, expansion valve and maybe condenser.... But will see what I get after pressure sensor replacement first.

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