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Originally Posted by MpoweredM View Post
Except they have taken the shitty stuff out of it. I think most of will agree that the game play of mw2 was better except it had too much bullsh't. Oma noob tube danger close, etc. black ops removed those making the game better to play but lacks the mw2 addictions. Although I personally can play black ops for hours at a time. But even mw2 to me was more addicting. Less than two weeks and we shall see if mw3 works!! I'm excited!!!
AHHHH HAAAA!!! I knew you would realize sooner or later. Black Ops was embarrassing and in my mind a total failure of a game in relation to MW2. It regressed in every facet.

I am counting the hours until MW3 comes out. Gentlemen, LETS DO THIS.
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