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Let's think this thru

You def need to get that alternator out to get to the lower banjo bolt behind the oiil filter housing (and under the intake manifold), and I defy you to want to remove the alternator without taking out the airbox, which really goes quickly once you decide to just do it.
And things are tight from under the car, so you'll never get that far up to reach the banjo bolt from underneath. And even if you could, it would be a bear to wrench. It's a two handed job.
So, yes it is a project, but one that is pretty straightforward.

Wanna know labor costs? Where are you having this done? Dealer or indy?
Not to take you to task, but why are you not doing this yourself? Time? Skill?

Originally Posted by Skatehis3403 View Post
What's up guys I need help installing a new Vanos oil line. Do I need to remove airbox alternator etc. or is there a way to get to the bottom bolt from under the car. Thanx guys

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