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11. Power steering pressure hose
This is one of the other power steering hoses that can leak. These leak from the crimp seams and build up alot of reside on the rubber portion of the hose.

Part number needed for fix:
For the part number on this, it depends on which pump you have installed in your car. Ever since BMW changed the style of the pump, the pressure hose changed as well. They changed where the pressure hose mounts to the pump therefore the new style hose has different bends. The new style hose part number is 32-41-6-764-725. The old style hose part number is 32-41-6-774-215. The new style hose has only one bend in the metal pipe near the pump that is about a 110 degree bend or so. The old style has 2 bends near the pump.

12. Differential rear cover gasket
This isn't all too common on these cars but it can eventually happen with age and higher mileage. On this looks like both the axle seals and the diff cover gasket are leaking. It leaks all over the cover and around the bolts. It will build up residue like in the picture.

Part needed for repair:
Bmw no longer offers a gasket for this, they stopped making it and have instructed everyone to use RTV silicone to reseal the cover.

Coolant leaks

(Some of these I couldn't find actual pictures of the leaks so I'm just using pictures of the parts)

1. Thermostat
A very common leak on e46's. Tough to see the leak by just taking a quick glance. They usually leak from the bottom onto the water pump which can make you think the water pump is leaking. Inspect the leak thoroughly and determine if it is coming from the thermostat or waterpump before replacing.

Part number needed for fix:
Thermostat: 11-53-7-509-227

2. Water pump
Another common problem for e46's. These also leak from the bottom of the housing and are hard to see taking a quick glance. Alot of times the fan on automatic cars have to come out to be able to see the leak. Be careful and like I said above, make sure its not the thermostat leaking down over the water pump.

Part number needed:
Water pump: 11-51-7-527-910
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