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Ok I guess I finally found the right place lol.

When I was trying to install it, it seems different than Jeff's old post, all wiring stuffs are different, not I know I got a newer version lol. Anyway, I was installing on my 02 with stock Navi yesterday, and found out a few issue with it, guess I have to share, also to see if anyone can help.

1. After install, all buttons back light don't work at all, I am guessing there should be something wrong related with the old Fakra cable pinout, don't have time next week but I'll try to figure out the week after if no one founf out what's wrong.

2. I think still related to the old Fakra cable, there is no old steering wheel control box come with it, but has the new small one in Jeff's picture, part# ARC-002-DYN, I would guess this is the new steering wheel control??? Anyway, the new box has different plug than the one on Fakra cable(I mean if it's really the newer steering control box, if not then it makes sense). So the steering wheel control with Fakra cable doesn't work, the new unit doesn't have a IR plug for old style steering wheel control, but if you see the diagram sticker on the unit, it's parts of the new harness. So I guess they have to make a new Fakra cable soon.

I'v got the Android version, with back up camera as an option, everything else works great so far, just have to figure out the Fakra cable issue.

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