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Originally Posted by Scotty66 View Post
The symptoms you have are EXACTLY the same problems as I am having.

Mine is a 2002 330i.

Booked it for a thermostat change on Tuesday so I will let you know the results.

Have you compared your engine temp using the hidden OBC menu?
Definitely stuck open therm; you can drive safely with it for a'll just burn more gas than needed.

When mine occurred someone here suggested I block part of the radiator, like trucks do in the winter...make sure it's not anything that will dissolve from water and clog up the condenser grid (what you might think is the radiator).

Also, it's an easy diy...just doing the therm, very little coolant leaks out, it's a few bolts and a couple of hoses. Not bad at all, though assembly would be easier with new hose(s).

If you're doing it yourself, read/watch our DIYs until you're convulsing...then you'll be ready!
Have you Mangofied your car yet?

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