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Originally Posted by Fisch330ciTopasBlau View Post
Sponger, no COD for me this year, you were one of the few fanatics I played cod4 and mw2 with and maybe a few games of BO before you sold it, heh.
Yah man, we wrecked shop a few times. Your buddy too... cant remember his name right now... I played an insane amount of COD4 with e46daze, and then all the time on MW2 with the usual suspects around here. Still the most fun I have had playing video games, those sessions when we would take turns going 40-4 against teams of noobs.

Originally Posted by djmangee816 View Post
i hate people who say mw3 is mw2.5
MW 2.1 is better than Black Ops 2. When I heard it was very similar to MW2, I couldn't have been more excited. Black Ops failed because they changed too much, too drastically.

Originally Posted by MpoweredM View Post
Please. I have like 54 days played. All my fall camo are legit. Even my three snipers and fn fal!!
I'm obviously kidding dood. You are a COD OG as far as I'm concerned. My response came from his response... and M3 power, I still pop in MW2 all the time to play with a friend, I'll be around to play some MW3 when you get back.
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