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Quick update before going out for dinner, just fixed everything, here is the solution for steering wheel control.

So the small box come with the V6 is the new steering wheel control box, but it has different connector. So what you can do is, cut the one from the new harness, and replace the Fakra cable one with this new plug. During the work, you will found out that 3 out 4 wires are matching color, which you can basically connect to each other. The other one on Fakra cable is red, but new harness one is brown, as you can see on the new V6's diagram, brown is for IR in. The brown that on Fakra was used for AMP-CON, so you have to cut the AMP-CON and connect to the steering wheel controller plug, and leave the red along. Brown on Dynavin side is still in correct position, so you don't have to do anything to it. Now the steering wheel control works just fine.

For Illumi, relocate the orange wire on dynavin main plug to the right pin position, which is one pin next to it. The trunk side, hook it up to your taillight, you'll be fine.

So everything could be done, just little extra works.
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