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I have the mount and am in the process of doing it. Ideally you'll want this special tool to remove it and press it back in: The tool # is: B221010. It's pricy and many question whether it is worth it to buy since you'll most likely replace this mount once in the car's lifetime. I've talked to a few independent BMW repair shops and they all either don't own the special tool and/or have never replaced one which I find to be pretty odd since the X3's and X5's use the same transfer case mount. One shop just told me to use an air chisel to get it out and a rubber mallet to pound it in. Another shop told me they reccommend not even touching it for fear of "damaging" the drive system in the removal process. I found that advice to be a bit skeptical as it would take a lot of force to really damage the transfer case/drive system. I'm going to try and visit a few more shops in hopes that one has the tool so I can possibly borrow/get dimensions to fabricate my own tool. Once i get around to replacing the mount I'll be sure to posy a pictorial DIY. I hope this helps and good luck.
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