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Originally Posted by djmangee816 View Post
is bf3 anygood? im a big time cod fan and i wanna play something else besides cod. I played battlefield 2 and i thought it was descent, the controls were to slow for me, the maps were huge, graphics were aite and i saw the bf3 gameplay clips and they look amazing. but i dont kno if i should pop 60$ to get it if the gameplay is still the same
i'm a cod fanboy. this is my 1st bf game so take my review fwiw.

they have a gamemode similar to domination callled conquest. you control points, and hve 200 spawn tickets. if you control more than 1/2 the map, their spawn tickets decrease.

I thought this is the most boring gamemode on console. in 1 map that we played, the person that led the server had 5 kills. 5 kills for the whole round which lasted.. 15? 20? minutes.

i saw 4 people that whole round.

I like the rush game mode. its like a better version of demolition.

I enjoy cod styles more. I'm a run free guns ablaze type of player. Since bf3 is more strategy and teamplay, its kinda hard that I play w/ randoms right now and it irritates me. I assume I would enjoy it more if I had a squad of my friends who aren't retards.
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